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JLPT Japanese

Japan Foundation, Tokyo conducts Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Exam in July & December every year for students learning Japanese language from all over the world. PFLC is registered with Japan Foundation, Tokyo. PFLC prepares students for these international exams. We conduct courses for every level of JLPT.

The amount of study required and the knowledge and skill attained gradually increases for each level. However, being an international exam, a few surprises are often encountered in the final exam for which we prepare our students well in advance. JLPT certificates are internationally recognized proofs of expertise in Japanese.

This is a course suggested for beginners and gives you a limited ability in Japanese. Initially, we provide you material to increase vocabulary and acquaint you with basic grammar of Japanese. Seemingly, the most difficult hindrance of learning Japanese is the pictographic script. Our rigorous practice ensures that within the first few months itself, our students easily write in Japanese. Since the exam papers are entirely in Japanese script, we focus on reading ability of our students. The knowledge of grammar, sentence formation, calendar, numbers and situational conversation enables our students to understand simple information encountered in everyday situations. You can communicate in Japanese in a simple way.

Online One to One Skype training available @Rs 399/- per hour per student. No recorded videos. *Special rates for corporate & batch training program*

This is a course which serves as an advancement to JLPT N5 level course. Here, the students are introduced to newer Kanjis (Japanese pictographic symbols), higher level grammar patterns, longer paragraphs for comprehension and faster speaking audio conversations for interpretation. By this level, students are fluent in Japanese reading and can translate satisfactorily without help. Our teachers suggest simpler and interesting ways of remembering the meanings of Japanese Kanjis and as a result, students can at times, guess the meaning of any new word they come across. PFLC regularly arranges meets with Japanese nationals and you can converse with them effectively after this level. Also, N4 level certificate is considered valid for beginner level proficiency in Japanese language by many firms for hiring of individuals.

This is a course to be studied in advancement to JLPT N4 course. Till N4, you are sufficiently well-versed with Japanese reading, grammar, writing and about 800 Japanese Kanjis. N3 is the translator proficiency level exam. In this exam, you are supposed to comprehend paragraphs and excerpts from notable editorials published in Japanese newspapers or magazines. The conversations that students come across in exam are colloquial. The student is thus expected to put in more number of hours of study, learn about 1200 Kanjis and practice complex phrases used in daily life. An N3 certificate makes one eligible for most of the companies hiring Japanese translators and interpreters. Our N3 students also undertake freelance translating jobs.

This is a year-long course suggested mostly for students who want to pursue a permanent career in Japanese. JLPT N2 is a highly respected exam and an N2 certificate opens gates to many avenues in this field. In this course, we conduct classes which focus mostly on literary and conversational Japanese. Exceptional grammar patterns, complex Kanjis, rare phrases are studied. Students can make differences in slight variations in Japanese dialects too after this exam. N2 level exam puts your complete Japanese knowledge to test. To add to it, the exam maintains international standard by focusing on complete application based knowledge.

This course is equivalent to an advanced Masters’ level course in Japanese literary language. The comprehension paragraph, dialogues, phrases, vocabulary that appears in the exam is so ornate that a student must necessarily have through knowledge and be quite familiar with the minor nuances of the culture. It is a highly respected level among Japanese tutors. It requires one year of devoted self-study. We conduct lectures by our most experienced faculty every week. These lectures are more discursive than any of the previous levels. PFLC provides a wide collection of books for students’ personal reading and they can avail these facilities from time to time. We keep refreshing our course material regularly to suit the changing pattern of the exam.

Japanese Summer Courses

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Business Japanese

Mrs. Prajakta Gupte designed this course to assist the students who wish to learn conversational Japanese along with the exam based pattern.We have compiled an assorted collection of special videos on Japanese conversational and cultural intricacies. Mrs. Gupte keeps introducing innovative ideas in each class to rekindle the interest of the students. Course is very useful for management students,tourist, Excecuties interacting with Japanese clients & visiting japan for business purpose. In Business Japanese course followings are included:

**A wider exposure to audio-visual CDs. **Conversational dialogue books.

Students are expected to do the following in Japanese:

**Presentation in Japanese in every lecture. **Conduct interviews, **Reading newspapers, **Indulge in debates and group discussions **Act in role plays **E-mail writing **Business letter writing

At higher levels students are exposed to complex grammar part, communication practice & translation practice. Our classrooms are well equipped with audio-video facilities to provide Audio Video training for all JLPT levels.

Present batch FULL! New batch will start in Jan 2021

Business Japanese batch full.

New Batch of Business/Spoken Japanese will start in Jan 2021.