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PFLC doesn’t restrict the study of language to indoor classroom training. We continuously strive to extend the learning experience of our students and familiarize them with the nuances of that particular nation’s culture. In this attempt, we utilize our association with the Indo-Japanese Association of Mumbai to participate in the various cultural events and competitions organized over the year.

Speech Contest in Japanese conducted by the Embassy of Japan in India is one of the means to popularize and encourage the study of Japanese language significantly. PFLC nominates its students to represent in each level. Our students have successfully flinched trophies and won accolades in the past.

Indo Japanese Association Mumbai conducts Annual Japanese cultural festival every year. The objective of this program is to provide encouragement to language learners to give individual performance before Japanese audience, outside the spectrum of academics. We encourage our students to participate in these events. Our students have continuously put up great performances in dance, poetry, singing since many years. This is good platform to interact with Japanese professionals working in India & PFLC provides this opportunity to our students.

PFLC team maintains contacts with AIESEC, an international non-profit organization that provides students with leadership training and cross-country internship opportunities. They won the prize for a speech contest.

Our team regularly organizes picnics for our students with Japanese nationals so as to get them acquainted with them and converse in native Japanese. We have successfully organized trips to Kanheri caves, Pagoda temple, National Park etc. Young Japanese students have expressed their eagerness to join us in our trips regularly.

We also offer personal counseling to students on the basis of their profile to assist in job opportunities.