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Time: 10 am to 7 pm

Mrs. Prajakta Gupte designed this course to assist the students who wish to learn conversational Japanese along with the exam based pattern.We have compiled an assorted collection of special videos on Japanese conversational and cultural intricacies. Mrs. Gupte keeps introducing innovative ideas in each class to rekindle the interest of the students. Course is very useful for management staff interacting with Japanese clients & visiting japan for business purpose. Also useful for tourist travelling to Japan & management students.

In Business Japanese course followings are included:

  • A wider exposure to audio-visual CDs.
  • Conversational dialogue books.

Students are expected to do the following in Japanese:

  • Presentation in Japanese in every lecture.
  • Conduct interviews,
  • Reading newspapers,
  • Indulge in debates and group discussions
  • Act in role plays
  • E-mail writing
  • Business letter writing

At higher levels students are exposed to complex grammar part, communication practice & translation practice.

Our classrooms are well equipped with audio-video facilities.

Admissions open.