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Student Speak

Learning a foreign language is always a challenge, especially if you not living in that particular country. But the japanese language courses designed by PFLC are so informative and detailed that the students learn the language effectively though there direct exposure to the country. Apart from that PFLC also keeps modifying the courses every year to meet the market requirements. This has eneabled a lot of students to acquire a good job in the market. I also extremely appreciate the patience and devotion with which Prajakta Sensei taught me when I was pursing the 2kyu course. Had it not been to the concern and efforts that she showed towards me, I wouldn't have reached this far.

Surabhee Nerurkar,
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited,
(German Language Team Lead)

Before joining this class, I had elementary knowledge of Japanese but was unable to proceed further. After struggling for a year due to lack of proper coaching, PFLC came to my rescue. The expertise of the teachers helped me clear the N3 level with ease. In this class, wholesome knowledge of Japanese language is provided. After joining this PFLC, my language skills increased exponentially and I also learned about the Japanese culture along with it. The course of conversational Japanese helped me learn how to utilise the language in day-to-day life. Overall, PFLC is the best place to learn a complex foreign language such as Japanese.

Viraj Kudalkar,
Japanese Translator / Interpreter,
TA Team

I have been a proud member of PFLC family since more than 8 years. PFLC is an institute where teaching is a work of heart. PFLC teachers are ideal in all respects. They make teaching very interesting and enjoyable. It was through PFLC that I could visit Japan twice, see Japanese people as my friends and their culture as mine. Simply put, I should describe PFLC as the institute where we do not only learn the bookish language, but we actually share the language’s understanding. Everyone happily makes mistakes and teachers positively correct it! I think this is a perfect and healthy environment for learning languages where everyone has the freedom to speak. Flexible timings, selection of best study material, focus on business level Japanese language and explanation of cultural awareness are some of the best points about PFLC. In PFLC especially I am thankful to Prajakta Sensei. Starting from ‘Hello’ in Japanese (始めまして) till today when I work as a Japanese translator, I have learnt many things from her. She teaches not only language but explains Japanese cultural diversity in accordance with our Indian culture. So unknowingly we become familiar with this foreign language. As a teacher, she is the BEST teacher I could ever have, but her contribution in my career, for changing my attitude, for making me confident, and for making me a “positive” thinker is definitely unforgettable. I don’t think I can ever exclude her name as a teacher, as a friend and as an advisor in each turn of success in my life.

Ajinkya Gokhale,
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited,
(Japanese Translator)